Monday, May 18, 2009

Mashup Mondays: Triple Threat

This week I have 3 mashup albums: Adrian Champion's relatively new Stars and Stripes featuring The White Stripes, and oldies but goodies - Viva La Hova featuring Jay-Z and Coldplay, and A Rhyming Ape featuring Lupe Fiasco and Gorillaz.

Stars and Stripes  -  Some posers posted this last week drooling over it as though it was the soundtrack to the second coming but honestly it isnt all that. This being said there are still some pretty good tracks that make this album worth checking out.
Stars Stripes - Featuring Adrian Champion and Brian Jacobs
Tha Countdown Blues - Featuring Red Man

Viva La Hova - Terry Urban came out with this album this winter. The Jay-Z Coldplay mix works well for the most part, much like MTV's Collision Course that put his rhymes to Linkin Park, but there are one or two beats that just dont sound good at all. Never the less, this buried treasure is now availiable again for anyone who missed it. (What if we cry?, X-Y-Z, and Lost Part 1 are 3 of my favs)

A Rhyming Ape - Lupe Fiasco + Gorillaz= gold. Short but sweet, the three-year-old A Rhyming Ape is a great album from head to toe. Preview

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