Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No Ceilings

Leaked early. Pick it up here.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Free Wayne

If you haven't already heard, weezy got booked the other day. Everyone's favorite rapper pled guilty to several charges including felonious possession of a firearm, and now faces up to a year in the house. Take this as a blessing though, as jail can only make weezy harder, and thus, a better rapper. Watch for the new mixtape No Ceilings, dropping on Halloween. Stay up Wayne.

Run This Town - Short remix of the Jay hit. Wayne runs this town.

Wasted - It would appear Lil' Wayne is wasted.

Can't Stop Partying - A strange collaboration between Weezer and Weezy. I think they did it cause they're names sound the same.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mashup Mondays

O-K so its been a while but I'm back with some more Siamese hotness. The obvious mash of Party and Bullshit and Miley Cirus' embarassingly awesome Party in the USA. Amazing new Wiz Khalifa song with Empire of the Sun. Really chill mash of 99 problems and Fences by Pheonix (maybe my favorite of the bunch). LET THE BEAT BUILD BITCH

The Thrill - Wiz Khalifa vs. Empire of the Sun

Party N Bullshit in the USA - Biggie and Miley Cirus

99 Fences - Don Diablo vs Pheonix vs Jay-Z

Startin' Off Your Week

The Clipse

Popular Demand-The Clipse (feat. Cam'Ron)-Malice and Pusha hit it big on this one

Who's Gonna Smoke (Run This Town Remix)-Benition the Menace- Just a funny parody of Run This Town by Jay-Z

Decline-Chiddy Bang- These guys from Philly got it down

Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's Big

Shine Blockas (feat. Gucci Mane) -I'm not huge on Gucci Mane, but not even he could mess this one up. Big Boi and Gucci Mane come together to make a track worth noting. (Click Song To Download)

Some other songs to get your week off...

Act Too (The Love of My Life) (feat. Common & Queen Latifah) - Quest and The Roots perform live on the Hennessy Artistry Tour in NYC with Common earlier this month. A good live production, although I'm not a big fan of Queen Latifah's entrance. But, the accomplished Roots and Common make a pretty good relaxed beat.

Solar Midnite (feat. Japanese Cartoon) - I don't know how everyone feels about Twilight, but personally I think its retarded. However, Lupe has a presence on the New Moon soundtrack. A good Rock/Hip-hop combination despite the association with a gay movie. Although not my favorite Lupe song ever.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We ain't dead yet motherfuckers. Here's some songs for the week

Transform Ya - Chris Brown, Lil' Wayne, Swizz Beatz
Chris Brown goes back to music after his UFC career failed. Samples the transformers movie .

Apparently ODB recorded this cover at some point before he did too much coke and died. 'Fest took it and ran, recording a goofy song in the form of a letter addressed to the late McGirt.

Closed out entourage last weekend.

Lots of falsetto from lots of people.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Everyone Already Knows About Bobby Ray

This dude found his way out of the notorious ATL woodwork this summer after XXL magazine named him among Hip Hop's Class of 2009. Generally speaking, southern rap sucks balls, but Bobby's unique take on the genre manages to breathe some life back into the land that briefly wore the hip hop crown.

I'll Be In The Sky - Bobby's most popular track of the summer. That sing-song rap.
I Am The Man - A feature from the Juiceman, and a sample from the movie O' Brother Where Art Thou. Weird.
My Sweet Baby - Some guitar and folksy samples.
Ghost In The Machine - I found no rapping on this track. Nonetheless, cool song.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Meet Sean Price, the brokest rapper you probably don’t know (but should). Former half of 90’s duo Heltah Skeltah and current member of the Boot Camp Clik/Random Axe, Sean P hails from Brooklyn, where he spends his days selling every drug imaginable and beating the shit out of trifling fools. He raps too. Check out his first two solo LPs, Monkey Barz and Jesus Price Superstar. After you devour that, look out for Kimbo Price, set to drop early October, prequel to the upcoming Mic Tyson. Word to the god.

Mega Sean

DuckDown (ft. Torae & Skyzoo)

Onion Head (VIDEO)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Marinelli's Songs For the Day

I kinda went on an indie rock tear the other day, so if you like tight jeans-wearing, long hair-having, sexuality-questioning musicians, today is your day.

In an Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel
As I understand it, Neutral Milk Hotel is a now defunct indie band from the 90's. Acoustic melodies, and lyrics that don't make any sense.
The Twist - Frightened Rabbit
A wavering lead singer kind of takes away from an otherwise good song with a cool piano melody.
Lump Sum - Bon Iver
This dude has a voice that makes angels cry. Ignore the first twenty or so seconds, and you got yourself a beautiful ballad. Definitely check this guy out if you like this kind of music.
Percussion Gun - White Rabbit
Crazy drumming makes this song worthwhile
Howl - Florence & The Machine
Wailing female vocals and and an almost military sounding drumbeat.
Until We Bleed - Kleerup ft. Lykke Li
Spooky vibe, with some typical Lykke Li weirdness. Drive around at night with this one on.
Belshazzar - Johnny Cash [Machine Drum Remix]
Classic Johnny song gets a kinda cliched update. I like it anyway.

Mashup Mondays

Copped this over the summer. Terry Urban and Mick Boogie collabo to make remixes (and mashups) of the 2009 Grammy Nominees. Alot of the songs on this mixtape are from Viva La Hova, but besides those, I picked out the best ones. Check it out.

Reckon A Superstar - Radiohead feat. Lupe Fiasco yes, its another Reckoner mashup, but this is really chill and they made it unique

I Got A Love Song - Lupe Fiasco feat. Sara Bareilles They used a little less of love song than I had hoped but it still makes a dope beat

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kanye's Apology

Above is his appearence on Jay Leno in case you missed it. In addition to his apology on Leno, he also posted this last night on his blog:

I feel like Ben Stiller in "Meet the Parents" when he messed up everything and Robert De Niro asked him to leave... That was Taylor's moment and I had no right in any way to tae it from her. I am truly sorry.

Honestly, I kindof wish he would just stay completely one way or the other, sincere or arrogant. And besides, Kanye wouldn't be as entertaining, or as Kanye-ish if he weren't cocky.

The More Entertaining Side of Cardboard

(I recomend full screen)

The song's called 'Two Weeks' by Grizzly Bear, cardboard cut-out style animated video by a media artist named Gabe Askew. The song already had an official video but this guy liked the dreamy, indie-rock tune so much that he made this anyways.


Yesterday's video got pulled, so here are some of the MP3s for pogo's songs, including the aforementioned work of art.

Expialidocious - Mary Poppins.
Lost - Alice In Wonderland. Extra trippy.
Bangarang - Hook.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Pogo creates these videos and songs entirely out of samples from the classic movies of our youth. Unfortunately, the man filed a law suit forcing him to pull this particular video from the internets. I don't expect it to work for too long, being that it is illegal. Peep pogo's other shit here

Mashup Mondays

Great summer mashup by B Roc of the Knocks, a really good one featuring Biggie and Pac, and, in my opinion, a simply better version of Day N Nite. The original got old pretty fast, but the mashup by Party Ben is upbeat and jazzy.

Mr Boom Boom Jones - Black Eyed Peas vs. Counting Crows (Right Click, Save as)

Runnin With The xx (Quix vs Eliot Blend) - Biggie vs. Tupac vs. The xx

Shame (At Nite) - KiD CuDi vs. Evelyn Champagne King

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oh, Kanye..

Listen to his meltdown backstage at the VMA's, after acting like a jackass on stage.
Oh, Kanye, what are we going to do with you.

Things I Would Kill For

BMW's Vision Efficient Dynamics
- Concept car that BMW will be unveiling at the Frankfort Motor Show next week
- Hybrid-engined car features 2+2 seating, polycarbonate windows and gull-wing doors
- Anticipated top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph) & can reach 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds

More Pics 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Courtesy of that Kid From Cleveland

Cudi's album, Man On the Moon, drops September 15th. Being a criminal, I picked up the leak a while ago. The music industry needs to learn how to keep their product on lockdown. My hopes were sky high, and Cudder, for the most part, delivered. That's not to say all the tracks are hot. Some blow. Here are my favorites.

Pursuit of Happiness - A lot like his mixtape shit.
Sountrack to My Life - More lonely stoner vibes on this one.
Up Up & Away - A new sound out of the kid from cleveland. Hands down favorite.
Enter Galactic - Nice track with a little bit of a disco 80s feel.
CuDi Zone - Classic CuDi

In Case You Missed It

Although Im sure that anyone who sees this blog has their music game on lock, there are probably some of us out there who may have missed out on the oodles of good music that surfaced this summer

Here are just some singles that you should know unless you live under a rock... or in Kansas jk

Forever - in order of veteran status and lyrical skill, Drake, Kanye, Weezy and Eminem with his best verse in ages

Wasted (Remix) - summer party anthem next to "I Gotta Feeling". p.s. Gucci Mane is rediculous

Throw It In The Bag (Remix) - Fabolous featuring Drake and great sampling from The-Dream's "Fancy"

Congratulations - Drake with sample from "Viva la Vida"

Best I Ever Had (remix) - I gotta say, the radio really killed this song but the verse from Nicki Minaj adds some flare

And Wale came out with another Mixtape


Marinelli already hit you lames with the knowledge on Hov's BP3 (it sucks), so lemme give you the goods. Raekwon the Chef is back serving that crack, finally releasing the long-awaited sequel to his classic '95 debut Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... (if you don't already have it, you're wrong). And while 14 years may've gone by, the atmosphere is still the same. This is that grimey, gun-toting, blunt-burning, eighth-sniffing, Champion hoody rap. If you don't like verses about getting your dick sucked by your son's pregnant bitch while simultaneously cooking crack (see Ghost on "Gihad"), this album may not be for you. And you're gay.

Download this entire album, it's currently #1 on iTunes. Wu-Tang forever.

"Gihad" - Raekwon featuring Ghostface Killah

...And We're Back

I know y'all missed us, so let's get it goin. Jay's Blueprint 3 officially drops tomorrow. The thing about that is, it leaked like a month ago. Maybe I just let D.O.A. get my hopes up, but I was not all that impressed with Jigga's most recent effort. It seems to me that Jay got fat in his old age. That said, here are a few tracks I did enjoy.

Forever Young - Mr. Hudson joins Jay on this take of Dylan's classic

Empire State of Mind - Another tribute to NYC featuring Alicia Keyes

What We Talkin About - Featuring the dude from Empire of the Sun

A Star is Born- Everyday a star is born

...I'm going green.

Monday, August 24, 2009


I've recently realized that the only music worth listening to is Wu-Tang, so I thought I'd go ahead and list the best tracks from the best Wu solo albums. Unless you're a j double O, you should just go ahead and buy each of these albums. In the event that you are of that persuasion, here are the tracks that you have to buy, as well as my other favorites.

The only album where GZA got the beats he deserves; it's a shame that the days of having an album produced by one person are long gone (the last song wasn't produced by RZA, but I'm excluding it since it's a Killah Priest solo track. Don't ask me why it's on this album). If you don't already have Liquid Swords, go buy it now. Some of RZA's most atmospheric and dark beats, and GZA back before he started talking instead of rapping (read: before he gave up weed)

Tracks you should already have, but probably don't:

4th Chamber - GZA's finest.
Duel of the Iron Mic - GZA and Deck rip shit with Dirt McGirt on the chorus
Shadowboxin' - Meth outdoes GZA on this one, but both go hard as fuck.
Cold World
Liquid Swords - "he was the greatest samurai in the Empire... and he was the shogun's decapitator. He cut off the head's of a hundred and thirty one lords..."

My other favies:

Living In The World Today - My personal favorite GZA track. "Punk n****z shatter like a glass jar: break 'em"
I Gotcha' Back - "My lifestyle was so far from well / Coulda wrote a book with a title 'Age 12 and goin through hell'" Also, the Shogun Assassin clip at the end is hilarious.
Labels - The first - and best - of GZA's themed songs. He spins verses using the names of different record labels on this one, hence the name "labels"...

annnd every other track. basically, buy this shit.

While Cuban Linx and Liquid Swords are widely considered the two best Wu solo outings, I personally think Clientele is just as good. It's also easily the best Wu album that isn't exclusively produced by RZA (Prince Rakeem only contributed 4 beats).


Buck 50 - Meth and Ghost spit fire, Cappa is okay, and then Redman finishes this one off strong: "Yo weed got more seeds than O.D.B."
Mighty Healthy - Mathematics on the beat... one of Ghost's best songs
One - Probably my personal favorite Ghost song. At least top 5.
Nutmeg - "Ayo, new Ghostface!"
Wu Banga 101 - The remix off Mathematics' "Wu-Tang & Friends: Unreleased" is dope as well

My other favorites:

Ghost Deini
We Made It
Stroke of Death - the beat will piss most people off, and it pissed me off at first, but I can't get enough of this shit now.
Apollo Kids
Child's Play

Aside from the interludes and skits, there's only 4 other songs on the album aside from the ones I listed, and none of them are bad, they're just not on the same level as the rest. So basically, buy this shit.

Rae does his thing (with significant help from Ghost) over RZA production... what more can you ask for. This is another album you have to own if you enjoy anything Wu. And you probably already knew this (if not, kill yourself), but if not, the sequel's comin' out 9/8/09.


Guillotine (Swordz) - Rae, Ghost, Deck and GZA over the same beat used in the Tical intro. Illness.
Incarcerated Scarfaces - One of the few Rae-only songs on the album, and boy is it good.
Rainy Dayz - Incredible beat, incredible rhymes.
Ice Cream - I don't really like this song. Most people do though.
Wu-Gambinos - Meth rips it, as do Ghost, Masta Killa and RZA
Criminology - Easily the best use of a Scarface sample in any rap song (sorry Geto Boys)

My other favies:

Ice Water - Love this beat.
Knuckleheadz - I love playing this song when I'm in somebody else's car, because they always think they're getting pulled over once the sirens start.
Heaven & Hell - Very chill way to end the album (North Star is technically a bonus track)
Wisdom Body - Rae doesn't even appear on this track, but it's okay because Ghost takes care of business.

Once again, do yourself a favor and go buy these.


Thursday, June 18, 2009


Just wanted to let y'all know that the blog isnt dead.. we're just taking a break.
Check back sometime near the middle of august for a ton of new shit and probably some new authors.
Until then, Peace.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Two of my favorite up and coming groups Chiddy Bang and Passion Pit. Uses "Better Things" by Passion Pit as a sample and it works out pretty nicely.  I love these two artists too much to criticize this song so here you go..

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mashup Mondays: Easter Egg

Recently i found a mashup artist who goes by Easter Egg. His newest mashup album is called
"Jackin' For Beats" (Download). This guys pretty good and at times he even surpasses Girl Talk. The quality of the mashups steadily increases as the album develops, the really good ones starting at about "House Head". The ones before that are just ok but still pretty good. Its a well developed and organized album and i love that it starts really up beat and the last song ends with a chill beat and a Biggie verse. Here are the last three songs on the album.
And I shouldnt have to tell you to play them in order.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So recently alot of rappers have tested the waters of "hipster" music and with the exception of Jim Jones' freestyle over MGMT's "Electric Feel", most artists have come up with some pretty good collaborations. One group in particular has gotten notable attention, as Peter, Bjorn and John have even gone on tour with Kanye, playing as his back up band at times. Their newish song "Nothing to Worry About" has also gotten a fair amount of attention from DJs. Their album Living Thing came out on March 31 and is availiable on iTunes.

Young Folks (Freestyle) - Kanye West and Peter, Bjorn & John

Party and Bullshit (Dave Wrangler Remix) - Notorious B.I.G. vs Peter, Bjorn & John

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Best and The Whitest (Pt. 3)

...Last One

Mickey Avalon
Mickey Avalon is a filthy rapper with a filthy past. He was literally a manwhore at one point in his career. His sordid history is obvious in his lyrics, the cleanest of which could make the dirtiest of hookers cringe. I love this guy. Check him out.

Asher Roth
The inevitable product of hip-hop's infiltration of the suburbs, Asher Roth has made every rich white kid's dream come true. I maintain that he's really not a bad rapper if you take him for what he is. He's a rich suburban white kid who doesn't pretend to be anything else. Love him or hate him, Asher Roth is one of a kind. Aside from the fact that he sounds like Eminem.

Mashup Mondays: Ludachrist

This guys got a few cool mashups. He has his own series of mashup albums called
Bangfest, but at times he gets a little too electronic for my taste. Here are two of the best songs from the album. Ludachrist's website-->

Soul on Ice - This is really really good. Basically uses "Cold as Ice" as a sample for "Soul Survivor"

The Legend of Curtis - This is a pretty cool mashup of Zelda and 50 Cent's "Little Bit". Let The Beat Build on this one

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Best and The Whitest (Pt. 2)

A couple more crackers out there grindin...

Aesop Rock
Long Island Native Aesop Rock is not only white, but jewish. However, he's managed to overcome these natural disadvantages to become a respected member of the indie-rap scene. His rhymes don't always make sense, and a little tough to follow with his rapid-fire delivery. It sounds good though, and the more I listen to him, the more I like him. 

Brother Ali
Brother Ali is as white as they come. He's an albino. On the subject of his race, he's said that, though he is genetically white, it is from black people that he learned his most valuable life lessons, and with whom he most often identifies. Despite this, he claims that he is neither black nor white, but a freak in a league all his own. 

Friday, May 22, 2009


This collaboration was Inevitable.
... I like Lil Wayne's verse. Cover the name and the rest of it could be a Britney Spears song, but i have a feeling that this ones gona grow on me...  The only question is whether it will be before or after this hits the radio with avengence

bonus: another recent rnb weezy collabo [waynes on point in this one]

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Best And the Whitest (Pt. 1)

Eminem's not doing it for me anymore, and I've had to do some searching for causcasion representation in Hip-hop. As a general rule, white people shouldn't rap, but here's my list of the best and the whitest out there anyway.


One half of duo Swollen Members, Madchild, along with counterpart Prevail, has become one of the best-selling artists of his native Canada. That may 
not sound particularly cool, but I assure you, this dude can rap. Counter-intuitive though it may sound, these guys are some gangster Canadians.

Though not technically a hundred percent white, any list without slug would be incomplete. He, along with producer Ant make up the renowned independent group Atmosphere. His lyrics are clever, and he's got some nice flow for a (partially) white dude.