Monday, May 25, 2009

The Best and The Whitest (Pt. 3)

...Last One

Mickey Avalon
Mickey Avalon is a filthy rapper with a filthy past. He was literally a manwhore at one point in his career. His sordid history is obvious in his lyrics, the cleanest of which could make the dirtiest of hookers cringe. I love this guy. Check him out.

Asher Roth
The inevitable product of hip-hop's infiltration of the suburbs, Asher Roth has made every rich white kid's dream come true. I maintain that he's really not a bad rapper if you take him for what he is. He's a rich suburban white kid who doesn't pretend to be anything else. Love him or hate him, Asher Roth is one of a kind. Aside from the fact that he sounds like Eminem.

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Falconer said...

excellent series, good sir.