Monday, April 13, 2009

Some New Songs

Walking On the Moon - The Dream ft. Kanye West

- Fun new R & B song by The Dream.  Kanye kills it at the end with a really good verse.  I couldn't find a downloadable version of this song but its on limewire and probably ITunes.

- I don't know anything about this group, but the song is getting a lot of buzz around the intronet.  It's a mix of R & B and Hip-hop with a really tight clubish techo beat.  You can download this one from the website.

- Really nice remix to the Black Kids song.  The Twelves are always good for a solid remix to goods songs.  Lil' Wayne adds a pretty good verse at the end of the song.  Good music to drive to.  You can download this one through the link on hype machine.

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