Sunday, April 19, 2009

Whatup Bitches.

First off, hopefully you've checked out Rhymefest's mixtape The Manual.  It's a few weeks old but for those who haven't copped it yet, do so now. Link's below. 

He does hate on the bloggerfolk though: "You from cleveland claimin' harlem / Brooklyn girls this guys got problems / I'm from chi-town where dey rob 'em / Stay at home and stick to bloggin"..... shit, why you gotta be like that 'fest.

Also, here are a a couple tracks me and the crew recorded back in the day, one is the Seiver song and the other is a clip of the WORST take ever, which happened while we were recording "Taking a Shit on Connor's Flaky Face," it's pretty funny.  I'll post more of these old gems later, and once Senior Projects start I'll be posting fresh ones.  

seiver song:

outtake track:


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