Monday, April 20, 2009

PT: Mashup Mondays

I got a couple of mashups this week: Asher Roth vs T-Wayne, Katy Perry vs Metallica, Lil Wayne vs Coldplay, Lady Gaga vs 3 6 Mafia and Pitbull, and last but not least Usher vs Taylor Swift.   
Note: some of the previews of these songs have crappy sound quality but im pretty sure that when u download them (which you should bc they r free), they get better.

Reeaally good mashup between I Love College and Got Money. And for those of you who hate Asher, dont worry cuz hes not in it.

Surpisingly awesome. I was a little skeptical before i heard it but this is actually really good. The sound quality of the preview may be crappy but when u download it its better.

Terry Urban did a good job with this mashup. Viva la Vida vs A Millie. another really good mashup.

One more good mashup. Lolli Lolli vs Poker Face. Poker Face's beats with Lolli Lolli's verses, works out really well.

Last, but definately not least. As if Love Story needed improving, but this mashup is done really well. Love Story vs Love in This Club. Check it out.

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