Monday, January 18, 2010

King Day Post

Good Morning Friends,

After much pleading, I have been added as a contributor this blog. I am very honored and will do my best to provide a cultural and musical insight on the current happenings of this day.

Seeing as it is the conlusion of the civil rights activist/martyr, Martin Luther King Jr., here are a few posts in relevance to the dream that Dr. King lived and died for (I havent learned the trade of putting up mp3 links so the youtube clips will have to suffice: "Fight the Power" -Public Enemy
A hit song from Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing, not pro non-violence but at least pro-black folks. "MotherF**k the KKK"- Willie Dee
A classic in every African-American vinyl collection. You tell 'em Willie Dee, show those mean-spirited illiterate ghost headed ______ that we mean business!

Because Dr. King was killed in Memphis, Tennesse by alleged James Earl Ray while helping black sanitation workers. I chose to throw in Yo Gotti (not a huge fan but dope track nontheless) with a sample repping the town where Dr. King was shot.

Walking in Memphis ft. 8Ball- Yo Gotti

Not sure how it applies to MLK but still dope track with Raekwon, CNN, and Styles P that takes part in Alicia Keys "Empire State of Mind Part II rmx."

Kanye, Saul Williams, Jay-Z...nuff said. Real talk. Yall heard on the College Dropout and Im resurec -"Never Let Me Down"

Lastly, but not least, Jay-Z, Faith Evans, and my boy Biggie - "A Dream" (with biggie mashup"

R.I.P. Dr. King

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